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Weed Control in Theodore, AL

Weeds are the bane of every lawn owner’s attempt to have the curb appeal they want, but when you have TruGreen on your side they are much more manageable. We offer complete science-based weed control in Theodore, Alabama, that keeps your lawn free and clear. This service is supported by the TruGreen Healthy Lawn Guarantee®, which promises that we will come out to your yard as many times as needed to ensure you have healthy grass.

We’re the country’s go-to company for lawn maintenance, because our products and services are performed by industry professionals. Our experts devise lawn care formulas and herbicides that are specifically aimed at improving your soil and eradicating your weeds. You can’t find this kind of knowledge from anywhere but us.

Why You’re Better Off With Our Weed Treatment

Imagine having all of your ugly weeds being taken away and never allowed to return, without you having to do a thing except for make one phone call. We make that easy by applying both pre-emergent and post-emergent treatments. These treatments get rid of any weeds you already have and prevent the ones you don’t want from coming back. This is a much more permanent solution than pulling them over and over each time they grow back. We make the whole process simpler and more efficient for any type of lawn.

The Importance of Removing Weeds

The most meticulous lawn maintenance in the world will be wasted if weeds aren’t taken care of. They’re belligerent competitors and will stop at nothing to have all of the sunlight, water, and nutrients for themselves. You don’t want them choking your grass, and we don’t either. Let us take them out and you’ll be sure to enjoy a healthier lawn as a result.

Contact us to end your infestation before it begins. We get your weeds under control quickly and completely in Theodore, Alabama.

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