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Lawn Aeration in Theodore, AL

Heavy rain and foot traffic are often all it takes to turn the soil in your lawn from your grass’s best friend to its worst enemy. TruGreen can fix that for you by providing lawn aeration in Theodore, Alabama. This service is one of the greatest benefits you can offer your lawn, because it ensures that your roots can actually access the water you give them.

We’re not just any lawn care company. Our business is number one in the nation, with all of our products and treatments based in science. Many of our employees hold PhDs in this field, making them highly qualified to help make your lawn the best it can be.

Helping Your Grass Grow Again

Those Theodore rains can have the effect of tightening your soil. When it gets too tight, your grass can’t access the water, sunlight, and nutrients it needs. Our core aeration service remedies that by mechanically removing cores of soil from your lawn. We leave these on top to decompose, so they can become the nutrients your roots need to invigorate their development and circulation of water.

Make Aeration Part of Your Lawn Care Regimen

Aerating is every bit as necessary for a healthy lawn as watering, because you want to know that your grass can access the water you give it. One consultation with us could be just what you need to know the best times to aerate for the most beautiful results. You can always trust that we take care of your lawn as if it were ours.

Contact us to learn all about lawn aeration. We offer this service to customers in the Theodore, Alabama, area and surrounding communities.

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